How we work

We are a flexible team of creative thinkers that can work together with companies in a variety of ways during any stage of their strategic PR planning.

Our Flexible Options

Retainer: Offering consistent level of service in partnership with client for comprehensive range of services. Typically requires a 4-month minimum commitment.

Projects/à la carte: Choose only the services you need based on specific project goals. Provides a great option for a first-time coordinated external PR outreach program or to support campaigns in targeted media/social media outreach programs.

On Demand/Instant PR: Ideal for quick turnaround needs with low risk. Agreed-upon targets and hard deadlines can support specific initiatives. Great for startups looking for support in company launches, new products etc.

Pay for Performance: Provides low-cost baseline support with defined per-hit fee structure for securing targeted priority media hits. Options include local and national print, TV, radio or online media targets.

Pitch Package: Budget friendly, great for entrepreneurs and small businesses. Includes a consultation, story angle development, press release and optional distribution.

Our Services

National and Regional Media Relations

  • Broadcast, Print and Online Editorial Placement
  • Media Tours (co-op and exclusive): TV, Radio, Hybrid, Custom
  • Crisis Communications Plan/Execution
  • Book Publicity Tours
  • Social Media

Platform Management

  • Blogger/Influencer Outreach Programs
  • Content Creation and Integration
  • Campaign Development
  • On-Demand Support

Media Training

  • Spokesperson/Lifestyle Expert Development
  • CEO/Business Leader Training and Development